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BSc (Hons) Multimedia Computing (BSCMC)#

有關課程開課日期資料,請致電2836 1922 | 高峰進修學院
VTC SHAPE與英國Coventry University合辦BSc (Hons) Multimedia Computing「多媒體計算(榮譽)理學士」課程,學位由英國Coventry University直接頒授,已被「香港學術及職業資歷評審局」評審為資歷架構第五級別,適合資訊科技或多媒體相關高級文憑、專業文憑及副學士或同等學歷畢業生報讀,上課地點為灣仔職訓局大樓。課程所需時間較同類課程短,分一年全日制,及14個月兼讀制;學費亦較相宜,全期學費$71,700,當中四個單元課程已列入持續進修基金可獲發還款項課程名單,最高可獲發還$20,000學費。第7屆全日制 及 第13屆兼讀制課程將於2020年9月開課。課程內容涵蓋多個創意領域,包括iPhone app開發、3D動畫、Motion Graphics、產品易用性設計、互動普遍式計算、最新Web開發技術等,切合業界需要。除本網頁外,同學亦可瀏覽SHAPE網頁http://www.shape.edu.hk/programme.php?id=8221965了解更多課程資訊。
Accreditation by HKCAAVQ under the Qualifications Framework
Title of Qualification: BSc (Hons) Multimedia Computing (QF Level 5)
QF Level: 5
QR Registration Number: 14/002957/L5
Validity Period: From 01/07/2014 to 30/06/2022
Registration Number (Non-Local Higher and Professional Education (Regulation) Ordinance): 252437
(It is a matter of discretion for individual employers to recognize any qualification to which this course may lead)
Coventry University
Coventry University strives to attract and nurture outstanding students from around the world through our supportive teaching and learning environment, state-of-the-art facilities as well as the world-leading and internationally recognized applied research.  Centrally located in one of the England’s largest and most historic cities,we welcome over 5,000 international students, coming from more than 130 countries, to become a part of our culturally diverse University every year.  Preparing students for successful futures is our prime goal. In this regard, we strive for establishing nationwide and international networks. We are now highly recognised for the strong connections to major global organisations which enable us to develop course content reflecting workplace needs.
University Ranking in the UK
Coventry University has broken into the top 15th overall of UK universities in the Guardian University League Table 2020
Programme Overview
The BSc (Hons) Multimedia Computing is a degree programme offered by Coventry University of the UK (http://www.coventry.ac.uk) and operated by SHAPE.  Successful completion carries the same academic status as that offered to Coventry’s on campus graduates. It is designed for students having completed Higher Diploma, Professional Diploma or Associate Degree programme in Information Technology or Multimedia subject. 
The programme aims to develop Information Technology professionals with specialised concepts, skills and knowledge suiting them particularly for the creative industries. The applicability of skills to a wider range of industries and end destinations enhances students’ employability.  You will have opportunities to develop mobile applications for smartphone and wearable information devices, design and implement a website of dynamic contents, create 3D models and animations, develop integrative skills in multiple source video creation, as well as enrich your practical skills in user-interaction evaluation and user-centered design of user interface
Internationally Recognised Degree
The degree is awarded by Coventry University in the United Kingdom, and is monitored by the UK Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA).   Student will be conferred the same award as on-campus students.
Programme Features
The BSc (Hons) Multimedia Computing programme is aimed at nurturing dynamic and adventurous people to be a specialist in the fields of multimedia computing.  Blending creative design with software technology, this programme encompasses recent topics in information technology related to the world’s fastest-growing creative industries.
Fast Track
The programme provides a direct entry to obtain a bachelor degree in 14 months on part-time basis or 1 year on full-time basis.
Learn Creative Multimedia Technologies
The programme covers the recent topics in iPhone app development, dynamic web technology, 3D modelling and animation, video production and user-centered design.
Academically Sound and Highly Practical
• Lectures are conducted by university faculty lecturers and local field experts.
• Both academic skills and work-related skills are emphasised in the class.
Your Past Qualification is Recognised
• 220 credits (out of 360) will be credited to applicants upon admission to the programme. 
Comprehensive Student Support
Comprehensive induction session and English workshops are available to students.  You will also have access to all IVE/HKDI libraries and e-library which provide a comprehensive collection of up-to-date books and online learning resources, allowing you to take part in a learning anytime, anywhere.

Scholarship and Financial Assistance

FASP, NLS & Non-means Tested Subsidy
Full-time students are eligible to apply for the grant through the Financial Assistance Scheme for Post-Secondary Students (FASP), and apply for the loan through the Non-Means Tested Loan Scheme (NLS). Furthermore, they are eligible for the Non-Means Tested Subsidy of $32,100.
CEF Reimbursement
*Designing for Usability 2 (CEF Code: 34Z12255A)
*Web API Development (CEF Code: 34Z122568)
*Digital Media Technology 2(CEF Code : 28Z09492A)
*3D Modelling and Animation (CEF Code : 24Z094911)
*This course has been included in the list of reimbursable courses under the Continuing Education Fund. The mother course BSc (Hons) Multimedia Computing of these modules is recognised under the Qualifications Framework (QF Level[5]). Part-time students will get a maximum reimbursement of $20,000 upon successful completion of the programme.
(Note: Full-time students who have received the $32,100 subsidy are not eligible to apply for the CEF reimbursement.)
Best Student Award
The student with best overall performance in each cohort will win the Best Student Award of Coventry University.
Education Loan (ENLS)

Part-time students are eligible to apply for the Extended Non-means tested Loan Scheme (ENLS) administrated by the Student Financial Assistance Agency (SFAA) of the HKSAR government.

Tax Deduction for Self-Education Expenses

Students of this programme are eligible to apply for tax deductions in relation to the programme fee.


Programme Structure
The programme is delivered in 14-month part-time mode, or 1-year full-time mode, comprising of the following modules:
203CR  Designing for Usability 2 (CEF approved)(CEF Code: 34Z12255A)
315CR  Digital Media Technology 2 (CEF approved)(CEF Code : 28Z09492A)
302CDE  3D Modelling and Animation (CEF approved)(CEF Code : 24Z094911)
303COM  Individual Project
304CEM Web API Development (CEF approved)(CEF Code: 34Z122568)
307CR  Interactive Pervasive Computing
A301SGI iPhone Development Skills



- CEF Subsidy -- Two modules of the programme have been included in the CEF reimbursable course list. Students will get a maximum reimbursement of $20,000 upon successful completion of the programme. Net programme fee is $50,100.

- Best Student Award -- The student with best overall performance in each cohort will win the Best Student Award of Coventry University.

- Education Loan -- Successful applicants can apply for the Non-means tested Loan Scheme (NLS) administrated by the Student Financial Assistance Agency (SFAA) of the HKSAR government. The full course fee can be loaned.

- Tax Deduction for Self-Education Expenses -- Students are eligible to apply for the tax deduction in relation to the course fee.


# All candidates must be able to demonstrate competence equivalent to an HKCEE Syllabus B Grade E / Level 2 or HKDSE Level 2 in English Language, and an HKCEE Grade E or HKDSE Level 2 in Mathematics.
* Subject to final approval by Coventry University

Programme Fee

Total Programme Fee: HK$70,300 which includes
Tuition Fee: HK$66,600
Registration Fee: HK$3,500
Application Fee: HK$200

It is a matter of discretion for individual employers to recognise any qualification to which this course may lead.


The School reserves the right to make variations to the contents of the website and to modify, withdraw or replace the programmes listed herein.

(English Version only)
Application forms can be downloaded here
or obtained from the SHAPE offices.

The completed application forms together with (i) full sets of photocopies of certified
credentials including transcripts and certificates of awards and (ii) receipt of
application fee paid should be returned by mail or in person with a photo to the
respective SHAPE offices or a drop box located at IVE and HKDI campuses before the
application deadlines.

Progamme Director: Mr. Cliff Chu

Tel No.:2836 1898


Programme Secretary: Miss Krystal TSANG

Tel No.:2919 1554

# 個別僱主可酌情決定是否承認本課程可令學員獲取的任何資格。有關註冊編號,請參閱本網站內的相關課程頁面。


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