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Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Systems: From Design to Asset Management

Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong
Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong
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Engineering - Mechanical and Building Services
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Short Course
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Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong
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12 Hour(s)
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This course aims to produce practitioners to contribute to the Solar Photovoltaic Engineering industry. It provides students with professional knowledge and skills of solar photovoltaic (PV) systems from design, installation, testing & commissioning to operation & maintenance and asset management in accordance with electricity regulations and relevant requirements. This course also facilitates students to critically evaluate the risk of installing solar PV systems in buildings and nurtures students’ abilities to utilize computer simulation techniques to evaluate the solar PV systems performance in buildings scientifically.

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THEi reserves the right to cancel or postpone the course, revise course title, content or change the class venue(s) or offering mode before class commencement if circumstances so warrant. Students will be duly informed of such arrangement.

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