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Small Unmanned Aircraft (Advanced Rating) (DE424145Q Part A)

Hong Kong Design Institute (HKDI)
Hong Kong Design Institute (HKDI)
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Programme Code
Subject Area
Art & Design
Programme Type
Short Course
Offering Institution
Hong Kong Design Institute (HKDI)
Contact Hours
36 Hour(s)
Programme Fee
Special Offer
Early Bird HKD$10,296.00 only (2024.06.13 - 2024.07.25)
Member of bodw+ HKD$9,152.00 only
Class Code Commencement Date Class Location Medium of Instruction Apply Online Class Remarks Class Status
67146M-16-V01 2024.08.31 Hong Kong Design Institute
Cantonese supplemented with English

CAD recognized course for SUA pilot (advanced rating)

Flying a drone is fun as well as functional, with a wide range of applications across aerial photography, environmental monitoring, surveillance, infrastructure inspection, entertainment and many more. In alignment with the newly enacted Small Unmanned Aircraft (SUA) Order effective from 1 June 2022, HKDI-PEEC has refined its signature programme in SUA to accommodate the technological development of SUA and safeguard public safety.

Small Unmanned Aircraft (Advanced Rating) is an advanced training programme recognised by the Civil Aviation Department (CAD) of Hong Kong designed for Small Unmanned Aircraft (SUA) pilots. This 36-hour programme comprises Theoretical Knowledge (4 days / 24 hours),  and Flight Training (2 days / 12 hours), and a theory examination and flight assessment, which covers the necessary knowledge and skills for graduates to apply for Advanced Rating at CAD: 

  • Air Legislation, Publications, and other related law 
  • Flight Simulation 
  • Airspace in Hong Kong 
  • SUA General Knowledge Navigation and Units of Measurement 
  • Meteorology 
  • Flight Simulation  
  • Airmanship and Human Factors 
  • Operational Manual, Flight Planning and Procedures 
  • Basic Flight Manoeuvres of Multirotor SUA (Field Practice)  
  • SUA Ground Operation 
  • Common Flight Modes and different bands of SUA

Drones will be provided for flight training. Graduates may apply for membership at the Hong Kong Professional Unmanned Vehicles Association (HKPUAVA).


  • Full Fee: $11,440
  • Early Bird (10% off): $10,296
  • Re-Exam (Theory): $500
  • Re-Exam (Flight Assessment): $1,500

Attendance Requirement

90% of the contact hours

Medium of Instruction

Cantonese (supplemented with English terminologies) / English. All teaching materials and written assessments are in English.


Including examination and flight assessment.


Theoretical Knowledge: HKDI
Flight Training: HKDI / Tai Tong, Yuen Long
Exam: Tsing Yi
Flight Assessment: Tai Tong, Yuen Long


Professional Trainer

Lecturer: Rex Ngan

Founder of Hong Kong Professional Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Association, has rich experience in training many organisations to control the UAV. He was also involved in the research of UAV with universities. He is a minority of people who have been authorised to be the trainer of UAV training in Hong Kong and Asia. Rex has studied intensively in radio control drones and mechanical operations since 2003. Furthermore, he is the earliest person selling and using UAV with GPS function in HK.

Rex has accumulated over 3000 flight hours, with the experience providing commercial and training services such as aerial shooting, survey, generating 3D models for the government, TV broadcasting companies, filmmaking companies, construction firms and universities.

External Recognition

Upon passing the assessments and meeting the attendance requirements, learners will receive a Training Certificate for the application of CAD’s Advanced Rating.

Entry Requirement

Applicants are required to hold a valid Remote Pilot Certificate issued by the CAD and have logged an accumulation of at least two hours of flight(s) as a remote pilot within the past 12 months. Details will be provided upon admission.


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HKDI reserves the right to make changes to the schedule, course content and advertised course information.


  1. Press the “Apply Online” button at the right-top corner of this page
  2. Complete the Online Application Form
  3. Upload the supporting documents required (e.g. for academic qualifications and work experiences)
  4. Settle the tuition fee (by bill payment via online banking or ATM; or by a crossed cheque payable to “Vocational Training Council”)
  5. Submit the cheque or proof of the bill payment.
    • Bill Payment proof: ATM receipt or online payment confirmation (PDF or screencap; should include the bank name, payment status, transaction date, paid amount, and bill account code); can be submitted by email.
    • Cheque: write down your full name and the programme title on the back

Payment Methods and Bill Account Codes


Notes for Applicants:

  1. It is necessary for applicants to supply their personal data and to provide all the information required in the application documents, as otherwise, the Institute may be unable to process and consider their applications.
  2. To study in Hong Kong, all non-local applicants are required to obtain a student visa issued by the Immigration Department of the HKSAR Government, except for those admitted to Hong Kong for employment or as dependants, who do not need prior approval before taking up part-time studies. It is the responsibility of individual applicants to make appropriate visa arrangements. Admission to an HKDI programme/workshop does not guarantee the issue of a student visa. Applicants may wish to note that part-time courses are generally not considered by the Immigration Department for visa purposes.
  3. Fees paid are non-refundable and non-transferrable.
  4. Early Bird Discount will be counted on the postmark date (for cheque) or the transaction date (for bill payment).
  5. Commencement of classes depends on enrollment or other unexpected circumstances. The Institute reserves the right to make changes to the schedule, programme content, mode of teaching, and other advertised programme information. The Institute also reserves the right to cancel a course if there is insufficient number of enrollments.
  6. The information provided in the form will be used by VTC for admission, academic and programme administration, research, statistical, and marketing (including direct marketing) purposes.
  7. Assignments and works of students (in any formats, e.g. photos, videos, printouts, etc; including activities in and outside the classroom) may be used for teaching and marketing (including direct marketing) purposes.

Tel / WhatsApp: 3928 2777
Email: peec.hkdi@vtc.edu.hk

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