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Tree Risk Assessment Course with Assessment (THEi TRACA)

Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong
Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong
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Programme Type
Short Course
Offering Institution
Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong
Contact Hours
3 Day(s)
Please contact Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong for the details of class commencement date

The course aims to follow a systematic step-by-step process to identify the risk of trees independently and professionally, to obtain and analyse information to make informed judgement and recommendations including the methodologies to mitigate the identified risks and evaluate the residue risk after the completion of the suggested mitigation measures. It developments participants’ ability to gather suitable information to carry out systematic tree risk assessment with appropriate techniques and tools, and to implement site inspection of trees, and to suggest reasonable judgements and record remedial measures to mitigate risk for the trees concerned. An integrated assessment will strengthen the participants; understanding on the issue.


The following topics will be covered:
1. Tree biology and mechanics (Biomechanics)
  • Tree physiology
  • Branch attachment
  • Tree wound and compartmentalization
  • Wood science and tree stability (Wood material, tree geometry, loads)
  • Symptoms of mechanical defects
2. Diagnosis and tree disorders
  • Tree stress factor in Hong Kong
  • Common abiotic and biotic disorders 
  • Major fungal decay in Hong Kong
  • Tree decay detected by basic visual and advanced diagnostic assessment
3. Remedial measures for common tree defects and risk mitigation measures
  • Pruning: Formative pruning, crown reduction
  • Tree support system: cabling, bracing, support frame
4. Introduction and background
  • Legal framework and responsibilities for stakeholder
  • Land allocation and tree stock
  • Tree Risk Management Zones
  • Safety practice, PPE and insurance
5. Systematic Tree Risk Assessment frameworks
  • Principle and methodology of tree risk assessment
  • Different types & levels of risk assessments, target assessment, site assessment, risk categorization risk rating and evaluation
6. Guidelines for Tree Risk Assessment and Management Arrangement issued by GLTMS, DEVB
  • Prioritizing resources for high risk and valuable trees
  • Area Basis, Triage System, Tree Basis Assessment, Sensitivity Analysis
  • Salient points for Form 1 and Form 2
  • Triage System for TRA dummy practice
7. Plan and implement systematic tree risk assessment, with suitable tools and techniques for site inspection of trees
  • Field techniques for tree data collection and assessment (for both Form 1 and Form 2)
  • Recording, reporting and photo-taking guideline
8. Work flow and salient points of Audit Inspection

Entry Requirements

To be eligible for attending this course, applicants should fufill either ONE of the following requirements:

• Completion of relevant QF level 5 program AND at least one year’s relevant full time work experience*; or
• Completion of relevant QF level 4 program AND at least three years’ relevant full time work experience*; or
• Other prior academic qualification at QF level 4 or above AND at least five years’ relevant full time work experience* AND a pass in an entrance assessment, which can be either oral or written.

* Relevant working experience are: Tree care / Horticulture /Landscape management (part-time work could be accepted while the duration should be doubled)


Class Date

4 December 2023 (Mon) whole day
5 December 2023 (Tue) whole day
8 December 2023 (Fri) AM

Attendance Requirement

The minimum attendance requirement is 70% (14 hours), where at least 7.5 hours of lecture and at least 4.5 hours of field practical, and 2 hours of assessment, of which attendance in both written examination (at least 1 hour) and field practical assessment (at least 1 hour) is mandatory.



Participant MUST fulfil the minimum attendance requirement in order to be eligible to join the Assessment. Those who fails to fulfil the attendance requirement should pay the tuition fee to enrol in the course again. The Assessment consists of Written examination (60 marks) (1.5 hours) and Field Practical Assessment (40 marks)(1.5 hours). 
Participants are required to attend Written examination (at least 1 hour) and Field practical assessment (at least 1 hour); AND to gain 75% score in BOTH Written examination and Field practical assessment as passing score. (i.e. 45 marks or above for Written examination and 30 marks or above for Field practical assessment). Failing in either part will be considered as “Fail” in the assessment.

Reassessment Policy

If participant fails in the assessment, there will be a reassessment fee of $1,500 (per time) for up to one year from the original date of your assessment. Participant needs to be reassessed in the specific part(s) of the assessment in which he/she fails. Reassessment fee is the same for taking either Written Examination or Field Practical Assessment or BOTH. If participant cannot obtain “Pass” in BOTH Written Examination and Field Practical Assessment within one year from the original date of your assessment, he/she will need to enrol in the course again.


Medium of Instruction

English supplemented with Chinese terms, teaching and assessment material in English


Professional Recognition
This course is one of the recognized training programmes in tree risk assessment under the Training Qualification of Inspection Officers in the “Guidelines for Tree Risk Assessment and Management Arrangement”, which is thereby accepted by the Registration Scheme for Tree Management Personnel in vetting application for Arborists and Tree Risk Assessors.
This course is valid for perpetuality, no renewal is required.

Programme Fee



Special Offer

HKD$4,750 only (with Lifelong Learning Subsidy HKD$1,000)


For details on the Lifelong Learning Subsidy, please read this document or visit https://lifelonglearning.vtc.edu.hk/


THEi reserves the right to cancel or postpone the course, revise course title, content or change the class venue(s) or offering mode before class commencement if circumstances so warrant. Students will be duly informed of such arrangement.


You may submit an Online Application:

1. Press the “Apply Online” button at the right-top corner of this page

2. Complete the Online Application Form

3. Successful applicants will receive individual notifications by email for collecting supporting documents and the details of payment arrangement.

**Only applicants who fulfilled the entry requirement and provided all relevant supporting documents for verification will be considered as admitted


You may submit your online application via Lifelong Learning Web Portal  (https://lifelonglearning.vtc.edu.hk/)


Application Period: 30 October 2023 12:00noon - 6 November 2023 23:59pm

Hotline: 2176 1505
Email: thei-dcee@thei.edu.hk

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