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Smartphone Video Shooting for Social Media

Hong Kong Design Institute (HKDI)
Hong Kong Design Institute (HKDI)
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Programme Code
Subject Area
Art & Design
Programme Type
Short Course
Offering Institution
Hong Kong Design Institute (HKDI)
Contact Hours
6 Hour(s)
Please contact peec.hkdi@vtc.edu.hk for the details of class commencement date


  • Affordable & Accessible but Professional
  • Video shooting, video editing and subtitling, voice over recording, till uploading to social media, all by your smartphone
  • Professional sound recording with limited budget
  • Use smartphone and gimbal to shoot special effects
  • One-day workshop to master smartphone video shooting techniques in just 6 hours



  • Apps for professional video recording
  • Videography introduction (sensor, resolution, aspect ratio, white balance, exposure, frame rate, framing)
  • Use of tripod and gimbal


  • Use of LED Light and Reflector
  • Interview Lighting

Sound Recording

  • Introduction of sound recording
  • Understanding microphone characteristics (directionality, mic and line level, etc)
  • Use of different types of Microphones (Lavalier microphones, wireless microphones)
  • Microphone setup for Interview


  • Use of mobile app for editing
  • Voice over recording
  • Sound Mixing (background music, volume control, etc)
  • Transition effects (3D transitions, wipes, fades, etc)
  • Add Caption and Subtitle

Interview Techniques

  • Single Camera vs Multi Camera
  • Eye Line / Repeat Question
  • Synchronization of Sound
  • Shooting of B Roll

Promotional Video Shooting Techniques

  • Use of Music
  • Editing with Rhythm and Pace
  • Video Sharing and Group Discussion

Please visit PEEC website for details https://hkdi.edu.hk/en/peec/peec_programme.php?peec_programme=smartphone-video-shooting-for-social-media-

Entry Requirements

Suitable for applicants who are interested in this course

A) By Online Application:
1. Press the “Apply Online” button at the right-top corner of this page
2. Complete the Online Form
3. Upload the supporting documents required (e.g. for academic qualifications and work experiences)
4. Settle the tuition fee (by crossed cheque payable to “Vocational Training Council”; or by ATM)
5. Submit the cheque or the original copy of ATM Receipt to our office by post or in person. Your full name and the course applied should be written on the back of the cheque or the receipt.

B) By post or submission in person:
1. A completed Application Form, a set of photocopies of supporting documents of academic qualifications or work experiences, and a crossed cheque payable to “Vocational Training Council” / the original copy of ATM receipt for tuition fee should be submittedLinksPayment Method: 

1) Applicants must be permanent resident of Hong Kong; or have the right of residence and receiving education in Hong Kong.
2) No applicant will be deemed to be an enrolled student of the Institute until such time as his/her application has been processed by the Institute and full payment of fees has been cleared at the Bank. Postdated cheque is not acceptable.
3) Fees paid is non-refundable unless the course is cancelled.
4) An official receipt for their tuition fee payment will be given in the first lesson.
5) Early Bird Discount will be counted on the postmark date (for cheque) or the transaction date (for ATM).
6) The Institute reserves the right to make any alterations about the courses that are considered to be necessary without prior notice (e.g. changes in teaching venues, time, instructors or tuition fee, etc.). The Institute also reserves the right to cancel a course if there is insufficient number of enrollments.
7) Our office address: LW004, Hong Kong Design Institute, 3 King Ling Road, Tseung Kwan O, N.T., Hong Kong.

Tel: 3928 2777 Email: peec.hkdi@vtc.edu.hk

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