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Professional Diploma in Construction Engineering

IVE - Engineering
IVE - Engineering
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Subject Area
Engineering - Construction
Programme Type
Professional Diploma
Offering Institution
IVE - Engineering
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Please contact 9081 5283 for the details of class commencement date
Programme Structure
CON3051X - Engineering Science for Construction (24 hrs)
CON3052X - Introduction to Building Services (18 hrs)
CON3053X - Building Structures and Drawings(30 hrs)
CON4081X - Construction Materials (33 hrs)
CON4082X - Building Construction (36 hrs)
CON4083X - Building Technology (36 hrs)
CON4084X - Building Temporary Works (27 hrs)
CON4085X - Quality, Environmental and Safety Management (21 hrs)
CON4086X - Construction and Site Management (30 hrs)
CON4087X - Buildings Ordinance and Construction Practice (30 hrs)
CON4088X - Building Contract Administration (30 hrs)
CON4089X - Integrated Project on Site Supervision (34 hrs)
CON4144X - Infrastructure Technology and Management (48 hrs)
CON4145X - Soil Mechanics and Geology (33 hrs)
CON4146X - Structural Design (36 hrs)
CON4153X - Structural Detailing (33 hrs)
CON4149X - Structural Analysis(48 hrs)
CON4150X - Steelwork Design (24 hrs)
CON4151X - Foundation Engineering (36 hrs)
CON4152X - Geotechnical Engineering (36 hrs)
CON3092X - Engineering Surveying and CAD (24 hrs)
CON4154X - Mathematics for Construction Engineer (30 hrs)
CON4095X - Building Information Modelling Basic (12 hrs)
- Learners' performance in each module will be assessed by Continuous Assessment (CA) and End-of-Module Assessment (EA).
- Minimum attendance requirement of each module is 70%. 
- 2-3 night per week, (18:30-21:30 / 19:00-22:00).
- Duration: 709 hrs. The whole programme can normally be completed within 36 months. 
Entry Requirement
- Five HKDSE subjects at Level 2 or above, including English and Chinese Languages, or equivalent, with 1 year relevant* work experience; or
- Five HKCEE subjects at Grade E / Level 2 or above, including English Language and Chinese Language, or equivalent, with 2 years relevant* work experience; or
- Completion of a QF Level 3 programme that is deemed acceptable to the Construction Programme Board with 1 year relevant* work experience; or
- Completion of the Professional Diploma in Construction Site Supervision by IVE; or
- Mature applicants, i.e. those aged 21 or above, with 5 years relevant work experience and completed Technically Competent Person T1 Training Programme may be admitted subject to passing an interview and/or written test.
* Applicant without relevant work experience but with at least 3 year work experience may also be considered, subject to passing an interview / written test.


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(Mon-Fri: 09:00-17:00)
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Fax: 2432 2253
Email: EDIT@vtc.edu.hk
Website: EDIT.vtc.edu.hk

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