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Professional Diploma in Electrical and Mechanical Technology in Buildings

IVE - Engineering
IVE - Engineering
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Programme Code
Subject Area
Engineering - Construction, Engineering - Electrical & Electronic , Engineering - Mechanical and Building Services
Programme Type
Professional Diploma
Offering Institution
IVE - Engineering
Contact Hours
15-18 Month(s)
QF Level
QF Credits
QF Registration No.
QF Registration Validity Period
Programme Fee
Class Code Commencement Date Class Location Medium of Instruction Apply Online Class Remarks Class Status
EG424709P-22 2024.06.27 Billion Plaza Centre
Cantonese supplemented with English

The programme aims to provide learners with professional knowledge on building services engineering, including design principles and techniques, operation and management of building services systems, and related ordinances and regulations. A variety of building services systems such as air-conditioning & ventilation, fire systems, piped service, electrical installation, lifts & escalators, and green buildings, etc. are included in the training.


Programme Structure

Core Modules




Architectural Planning and Building Technology

(30 hrs)


Fundamental Services in Buildings

(30 hrs)




Elective Modules



(Select 1 out of 2)




Construction Management

(30 hrs)


Maintenance Management

(30 hrs)




(Select 5 out of 6)




Air-conditioning & Mechanical Ventilation Systems and Installations

(30 hrs)


Electrical Services and Installations

(30 hrs)


Piped Services and Installations

(30 hrs)


Specialized Systems

(30 hrs)


Sustainable Technology and Energy Management

(30 hrs)


Fire Safety Protection System

(30 hrs)

Learners' performance in each module will be assessed by Continuous Assessment (CA) and End-of-Module Assessment (EA). 
Medium of Instruction (MoI)
The medium of instruction is Chinese and supplemented with English terminologies. All teaching materials and written assessments are in English.
- 2 to 3 nights per week, 19:00-21:30
- Practical lessons may be arranged on Saturday (14:00-17:00), detail arrangement will be announced during class.
- In special circumstances, some lessons may be conducted in online mode.
- Duration: 240 hrs. The whole programme can be completed in 15 to 18 months.
Satisfactory completion of the whole programme of 8 modules will lead to a Professional Diploma in Electrical and Mechanical Technology in Buildings.


Entry Requirements

- Five HKDSE subjects at Level 2 or above, including English and Chinese Languages, or equivalent, with one year’s work experience; or

- Five HKCEE subjects at Grade E/Level 2 or above, including English and Chinese Languages, or equivalent, with two years’ work experience; or

- Completion of a QF Level 3 programme, or equivalent, with one year’s work experience or currently employed; or

- Relevant RPL qualification(s) at QF Level 3 or above AND pass an entrance assessment, which can be in an oral and/or written form; or

- 21 years old or above with 2 years relevant working experience, may be admitted subject to passing an interview and/or aptitude test, if necessary.

Financial Assistance Scheme

1. Vplus Engineering


2. Continuing Education Fund (CEF)
    The course has been included in the list of reimbursable courses under the Continuing Education Fund.



Applicants can use the "Apply Online" function, which available from the programme website and login to the Online Enrolment System to submit their applications.

(Mon-Fri: 09:00-17:00)

WhatsApp: 9081 5283

Fax: 2432 2253

Email: EDIT@vtc.edu.hk

Website: EDIT.vtc.edu.hk


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