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Tool Kit of Design Thinking for Career Guidance

IVE - 商業
IVE - 商業
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IVE - 商業
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BA2223_DT01_01 2022.12.09 香港專業教育學院(觀塘)


Programme Title: Tool Kit of Design Thinking for Career Guidance
Date: 9, 10 Dec 2022
Time: 9 Dec 2022 09:30 - 17:30, 10 Dec 2022 14:30 -17:30 (Total: 10 Hours)
Venue: IVE (Kwun Tong), 25 Hiu Ming St, Kwun Tong, Kowloon.
Programme Fee: $ 950 
Entry requirement: Hong Kong Permanent Resident with age above 18
Medium of Instruction: English materials with Cantonese Presentations
  1. Understanding the human-centered problem-solving framework of Design Thinking and its applications for the education sector in career guidance.
  2. Discovering the major stakeholders of students’ career development journey and co-create with them in the student career-finding process.
  3. Defining a critical root cause of the student’s challenge and transforming it into an opportunity for breakthrough performance.
  4. Developing creative and student-centered ideas for enhancing the performance of student assignments or projects.
  5. Delivering the prototypes of the selected ideas and analyzing the stakeholders’ feedback for continued improvement.
  6. Reflecting on the self-learning experience and transferring it to personal career guidance practices. 





Application Online (On/After 13 Sep 2022):
  1. Press the “Apply Online” button at the right-top corner of this page
  2. Complete the Online Form
  3. Settle the tuition fee by online credit card payment
  1. Applicants must be permanent resident of Hong Kong; or have the right of residence and receiving education in Hong Kong.
  2. No applicant will be deemed to be an enrolled student of the Institute until such time as his/her application has been processed by the Institute and full payment of fees has been cleared at the Bank.  Postdated cheque is not acceptable.
  3. Fees paid is non-refundable unless the course is cancelled.
  4. An official receipt for their tuition fee payment will be given in the first lesson.
  5. The Institute reserves the right to make any alterations about the courses that are considered to be necessary without prior notice (e.g. changes in teaching venues, time, instructors or tuition fee, etc.).  
  6. The Institute reserves the right to cancel a course if there is insufficient number of enrollments.
Application by mail:
Applicants please complete and return the application form together with a crossed cheque payable to "Vocational Training Council" to Department of Business, IVE(Haking Wong) by mail or in person (separate cheque for individual courses).
Mailing Address:
Mr. Jacky Wong, Room 223, Department of Business, HK Institute of Vocational Education (Haking Wong), 702, Lai Chi Kok Road, Cheung Sha Wan, Kowloon.
Application Form
Application Deadline: 30 Nov 2022


Email: ituba@vtc.edu.hk 
Tel: 2708 5325 (Mr. Lam)



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