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IVE - 資訊科技
IVE - 資訊科技
最新課程/研討會 Vplus 創意專才
IVE - 資訊科技
有關課程開課日期資料,請聯絡2595 2536
In recent years, organisations favour experts who can perform multiple tasks rather than hiring different coders, software engineers or designers. If an IT professional knows back-end and front-end development skills, there is a greater chance of getting a job in the software development industry.
A Full Stack Developer will be a software engineer that designs and build mobile applications, web infrastructure and websites. They will build, test, troubleshoot, operate and optimize various tiers of a software solution from the frontend, to the backend, to the database and notwithstanding troubleshooting and testing. They are always able to switch between frontend and backend development based on the requirement of the project.
Course Structure
The course comprises the following modules:
Core Module
  • NoSQL Data Solution (24 hours) 
  • Elementary Cross-platform Mobile Applications Development (30 hours)
  • User Experience Enhancement for Applications (18 hours)
  • Modern APIs Development (24 hours)
  • Full-stack Web Development (24 hours)
  • Serverless Applications Development on Cloud (24 hours)
Content cover:
MongoDB; NodeJS; VueJS; React Native, Serverless Development, Cloud Computing
Vplus Creative Industries Subsidy available; eligible students can reimburse 60% of the fee paid


香港中學文憑試五科成績達第二級或以上,包括英國語文、中國語文,及具一年相關工作經驗; 或
香港中學會考五科成績達E級 / 第二級或以上,包括英國語文及中國語文或同等學歴,及具兩年相關工作經驗; 或
完成獲「課程委員會」認可的「資歷架構」第3級別之相關證書課程,及具一年或以上相關的工作經驗; 或
持有「資歷架構」第3級別或以上「過往資歷認可」資格並通過面試或筆試; 或
最少具兩年或以上相關的工作經驗,及其他持有認可及可核證之過往學習並通過面試或筆試; 或


To encourage working adults to pursue higher qualifications for career advancement, and to promote vocational and professional education and training (VPET) in Hong Kong, Vocational Training Council (VTC) has obtained funding from HKSAR to support the Vplus Creative Industries Subsidy Scheme. This scheme provides practitioners in the creative industries with tuition fee subsidy for successful application of their study of the designated part-time programmes offered by VTC.

Under Vplus Creative Industries, programmes eligible for the tuition fee subsidy are part-time self-financed programmes in the disciplines of Design and Information Technology.  These programmes are accredited at Qualification Framework (QF) Level 3 to Level 5 by the Hong Kong Council of Accreditation of Academic and Vocational Qualifications (HKCAAVQ), excluding Associate Degree and bachelor’s degree programme, under the following areas of study and training classified by Qualifications Register (QF):
A01            Architecture and Town Planning
A02            Arts, Design and Performing Arts
A04            Computer Science and Information Technology
A10            Public Relations

Successful applicants will be refunded 60% of the tuition fee paid, subject to maximum of HK$36,000 per person. Applicants may apply for fee refund for more than one eligible programmes.

Can students apply for Vplus Creative Industries and other subsidies (e.g. CEF, ENLS, etc) for the same programme?
No. Applicants cannot apply for or receive any other form of government subsidy or financial assistance, or subsidy from employer.

When can students get the reimbursement?
Successful applicants will be reimbursed upon successful completion of the programme. Reimbursement amount will be calculated based on the actual tuition fee paid for the modules. It will be granted on a first-come-first-served basis.

Reimbursement will normally be made by direct credit to the bank account nominated by the successful applicant, in April, August and October.

Enquiry Tel:2595-2536
Enquiry mail:itdpo@vtc.edu.hk

公開報名時間: 每年八月中至十月中
[Vplus 創意專才 (as CITSS)]
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查詢辦法報名及查詢 黃先生 電話: 2595-8113, 電郵: hcwong@vtc.edu.hk


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