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Professional Diploma in Landscape Architecture

Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong
Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong
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Subject Area
Art & Design, Built Environment
Programme Type
Professional Diploma
Offering Institution
Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong
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Please contact Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong for the details of class commencement date

Programme Description

This professional programme prepares students for the profession by adopting a holistic and interdisciplinary approach, incorporating essential understanding in environmental, cultural and social issues, and applying professional, ethical, and technical skills and knowledge for generating and executing plans to landscape planning, design, and solving management problems. Students will be equipped with the required intellectual, professional, and practical skills that align well with the industry’s requirements in the increasingly complex and dynamic situation when developing the built environment in the community. Furthermore, this programme provides a professional qualification pathway to those in-service practitioners for career advancement.


Career Paths and Articulation Opportunities
On completion of this Programme, graduates are equipped with necessary theoretical knowledge and professional skills in landscape architecture for professional advancement, such as landscape planning and design, landscape technology, visual communication, and professional practice. Graduates can develop or advance their career in public sectors such as various government departments and private sectors like consultant firms, developers or contractors, to take up positions of landscape designers, assistant landscape designers, or project managers for managing tasks, for example, related to site and environmental analysis and project management.


Graduates will also have the opportunities to further their studies at the taught Master level or to register for research postgraduate degree programmes in the field of landscape planning and design. The University of Gloucestershire (UoG) in the UK supported and confirmed that applicants holding qualifications/awards from THEi, including this programme, are eligible for admission to their Master of Arts in Landscape Architecture programme.

Entry Requirements

Admission is on a competitive basis where applicants are judged on their ability to meet the entrance requirements of the programme. The programme's minimum admission requirements are as follows:

- Possession of a Bachelor’s degree in a relevant discipline, OR

- A non-related Bachelor’s degree with minimum 1 year of relevant working experience in landscape architecture or related field, OR

- A Higher Diploma or Associate Degree in a relevant discipline with minimum 2 years of relevant working experiences in landscape architecture or related field.


Mode of Delivery and Programme Length

  • Part-time (weekday evening and/or weekend classes)
  • 24 months (4 semesters)


Students can opt for an accelerated mode by completing the programme within 18 months (3 semesters). The 18-month mode provides a fast-track option for students to accerlerate their study by taking extra modules in both Semester 2 and 3.


Tuition Fee and Caution Money

  • Total HK$92,800 (HK$92,400 being the tuition fee and HK$400 being the caution money) [applicable to academic year 2022/23]
  • After Vplus: HK$ 47,800 (SAVE HK$45,000)


Fees are subject to annual reviews.  THEi reserves the right to cancel any programme/class, revise programme content or change the class commencement date/class venue if circumstances so warrant.


Medium of Instruction


Application Period 

Applications are now open for the cohort starting September 2023

Submit Online Application Form in VTC Continue and Professional Education (CPE) website (https://cpe.vtc.edu.hk/)

Upon acceptance of admission offer, payment of 1st Instalment of Tuition Fee will be arranged in due course.


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