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Smart Manufacturing Training Programme for PPE Industry

IVE - Engineering
IVE - Engineering
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Engineering - Mechanical and Building Services
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Short Course
Offering Institution
IVE - Engineering
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2008-1 2020.11.06 VTC Kowloon Bay Training Complex and/or IVE(TY) and/or outside workshop
Cantonese supplemented with English
The public awareness of health protection has drastically increased in recent years, resulting in a high demand for high quality personal protective equipment. In view of this, IVE Engineering, the Federation of Hong Kong Industries and Sinopharm Tech Holdings Limited jointly develop a new programme 'Smart Manufacturing Training Programme for PPE industry'. 
This programme aims to upgrade the technical skills and professional knowledge of practitioners from the Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) manufacturing industry. Students will be able to gain an understanding of the smart manufacturing systems Industry 4.0, Industry Internet of Things (IIoT) and the Hong Kong Q-Mark schemes. The programme would cover technical knowledge as well as the application of these tech trends on enhancing the competitive advantage of the modern production line.
Course Content
1. Overview of the PPE industry and mask manufacturing industry in Hong Kong
2. Mask and machine types
3. Mechanical assemble knowledge and practice
4. Pneumatic power and control
5. Programmable logic controller (PLC) and automation
6. Step and AC motor control and practice
7. Preventive maintenance and troubleshooting technique
8. AI Vision system for inspection
9. Remote data collection and analysis with IIoT
10. Machine walk through (N95) and practice
11. Machine walk through (3-Ply) and practice
12. Certification and Testing: Q-mark Schemes
Entry Requirements
Suitable for applicants who are interested in this course
Course Fee
HK$7,500 (HK$2,500 after the support from RTTP)
This course is under the Reindustrialisation and Technology Training Programme (RTTP). Eligible companies can apply up to two-third of the training cost for their staff, totalling a maximum amount of $500,000 in each financial year. For details, please visit:  


Applicants can use the "Apply Online" function, which available from the programme website and login to the Online Enrolment System to submit their applications.
Tel: 2435 9423 (Mon-Fri: 0900-1700)
Fax: 2432 2253
Email: EDiT@vtc.edu.hk
Website: EDiT.vtc.edu.hk


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